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The Film Riot Podcast is a conversation with talented and innovative filmmakers. From directors, editors, stunt coordinators, DPs, Actors, VFX artists, and more. During the series, we will be diving into the process, art, and lifestyle of filmmaking from every aspect.

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Nov 14, 2018

Graham Powell is a writer, director, and actor from New York working to get his first independent feature off the ground. Today the guys talk about the ups and downs of independent filmmaking.

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Oct 30, 2018

Josh Tanner is a writer/director from Australia with some amazing short films like The Landing, The Rizzle, and Reverse. Today Ryan and Josh talk about directing horror, the transition between low budget shorts and larger productions, and getting their films seen by the right people.


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Oct 17, 2018

Josh Connolly joins the podcast today to talk about Film Riot and how he found his way into filmmaking.


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Oct 3, 2018

Avi Youabian is an editor with credits like The Walking Dead, Constantine, Frequency, The Brave, and a director with credits in The Walking Dead, Zoo, and Tainted Love.  Today, Ryan talks to Avi about directing, editing, and the difference between television and film with editor/director.


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Sep 18, 2018

Dan Trachtenberg is the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane, Black Mirror (Playtest), and the coming series The Boys. Today on the show, Ryan talks to Dan about directing, film school, pitching, and navigating notes.


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